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Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder at the farmers market shopping date idea

Farmers Market Strolling Date

Every Day Dates


Do you want to do something really fun on a boring afternoon that includes both going out, and staying in with the person you love? Make plans to turn that boring afternoon into an afternoon of pure fun and excitement by doing something that you and your loved one would enjoy greatly. Plan to spend the day with your loved one at the farmer’s market, and then back home cooking together and preparing a delicious meal.

Head to the farmer’s market with your loved one and begin strolling around looking at the delicious and wide variety of food they have to offer. While you are there looking around, decide with your loved one what you would like to cook together and start picking up the ingredients you would use.

While walking around, you would have a great time to bond and talk about everything and anything together. When you have picked up all the ingredients you would use, head back home with your loved one and begin the cooking process together; help each other out, split the work between you two; this would strengthen your relationship and make you both appreciate each other’s company.

If you feel like having an afternoon full of laughter and fun, you can decide to invite your close friends over after you and your loved one had finished the cooking process; to taste what you both have cooked, and share stories. Sit all together laughing and enjoying your time.


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