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Netflix Every Day Fun Date Idea

Netflix Date Fun

Every Day Dates


If there is anything a person loves to do more than watching a movie, is watching a series of amazing, heart throbbing shows that would put you at the edge of your seat,you would be filled with mixed emotions from suspense to fun. The best part about Netflix is that you can watch it as a marathon; and what makes it even more amazing, having to watch your favorite TV shows with your favorite person.

Make plans on a day were you and your loved one are bored, yet you wish to do something fun and exciting, and what could be more fun than watching your favorite series with the person you love. Decide on the show you two would like to watch; it could be a thriller, horror, comedy, drama, etcetera.

Pop up some popcorn, get drinks and turn on your TV, and prepare yourselves for an awesome afternoon of criticizing and laughing together. Sit side by side comfortably and begin to play the shows, one after the other, while you enjoy sharing the food together with happiness and love in the air.

While watching together, especially if shows you two have previously watched; make sure you both give your comments and criticism at everything that goes on; this way you two would get to know each other more, how you both think and feel towards various events that occur in the series. However, make sure that both you and your loved one are enjoying the time you are spending together, and appreciating this sort of bonding, even if it is over simple matters.


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