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Gossip Girl Mask up Special Date Idea

Mask up Date Time

Special Dates


In the picture above, you can see Chace Crawford and Taylor Momsen at the masked ball with all the drama it brought up between them. If you have a special occasion coming up; your loved ones birthday, or even if you have nothing to celebrate and you hear of a masked ball happening close by to where you live, make sure that you and your loved one attended it, and you most definitely will have a great night.

If you watch the TV series Gossip Girl you would know that whenever there is masked ball coming up, then love will be flying in the air all around. You and your loved one would want to have that experience; to have a great time, with love flying in the air, dancing and simply enjoying your time together.

To make matters even more fun between you and your loved one on such a date, you can decide to meet each other at the place where the party is being held, but on a condition that you would not tell each other what you are wearing or what your mask is; when you reach the ball, text each other that you have arrived, and make it your mission to find each other. This would bring you two closer together, and you would know simply how much you know each other by your physical appearances.

Going to a masked ball with your loved one will give your relationship a spark; it is something both fun and new, it would be a special night to always remember. Just have fun dancing together and simply have a wonderful time.


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