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Taylor Lautner Kristen Stewart batting cage date idea

Beat a Boring Date out

Every Day Dates


Are you sitting at home on a beautiful sunny day trying to think about a great idea to do with the person you love? On an everyday kind of date you would want to do something that is fun and exciting, yet something that would not make all other special dates seem at equal levels with the everyday kind of dates. So how about heading out with your loved one to the batting cage to have some fun together while passing a by a long boring day

Make plans on a normal afternoon to head out with your loved one to a batting cage to swing the bat together, have fun, pass the day, and you two would even bond over the game, you can even help each other out; holding the bat together. Who knows you two might even hit a home run.

Going to batting cage with your loved one would help get you both in a perfect mood of relaxation afterwards, since it is a great way to let out any held up work, or everyday stress and aggression. You would spend your day outdoors having fun and laughing together.

Doing this sort of activity with the person you love would not only help each of you separately in your individual lives by releasing the stress held in, the fact that you would be doing it together is a great plus for your relationship to grow stronger and richer. In addition, you both would feel completely relaxed later on to spend the night together, happy and with no pressure from the outside world. 


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