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Laugh It up comedy show first date idea

Laugh It up Date

First Dates


There is nothing better than going on a first date that is full of laughter, it makes you and your date both feel comfortable and at ease all the way through that first date. It is normal to feel both anxious and awkward on your first date, and this would make you both feel that the date is going really badly; so in order to remove those feelings and make them disappear, head out on your first date to a comedy show.

It is scientifically proven that laughter has always brought people together, and what you need on your first date is both something to bring you and your date closer together, and a way to remove all the awkwardness in the air.

You can either go out to a standup comedy show that features only one person for a time span of a maximum two hours, where you would be laughing all the time together about everything and bonding over those small jokes that will probably follow you all the time through your future relationship. Or you can head out to a place that features more than one comedian where you sit with your date and order a beer and appetizer; this gives you a chance to talk about your personal life, and at the same time you would be enjoying the show together.

Taking your date out to a comedy show would be a perfect way to bond over small things, and laugh your hearts out together with no care in the world, in the end, the most important thing is to enjoy that first date and make it perfect and worth remembering.


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