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A Bark Park Love Valentine date idea

A Bark Park Love

Valentine Dates


A global study conducted by Reuters stated that one in five people would rather spend Valentine’s Day with their pet rather than with their partner. If you or your partner are pet lovers, do not put yourselves in a dilemma of deciding what to do on Valentine’s Day; should I spend it with my beloved partner, or with my lovely pet? Decide to do both at the same time with this amazing idea!

Before heading to your romantic dinner date, make plans with your loved one to spend the whole day on Valentine’s Day at a dog park, or if you actually own a dog, you can either take your dog with you to the dog park to play with the rest of the dogs there, or just spend your afternoon with your loved one and your pet.

Spend your time at the dog park with your loved one, playing with the pets over there all kinds of games; throwing Frisbees, balls, and you can even play with water if the weather permits you to do so. Jump around together with all the dogs surrounding you jumping with you and wagging their tales with joy and happiness.

Spending Valentine’s Day with your loved one at a dog park would put you and your loved one both in an amazing mood full of gaiety, and you both would bond ever so greatly together. You would be doing something you both enjoy hugely with each other before having that one on one dinner date romance.


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