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Superhero Date Time

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If you are sitting at home with your loved one, both of you hoping to do something fun and amazing that would break the routine of the normal every day kind of stuff, here is an idea that would not only get you to bond and create funny memories for the both of you to share with your friends, it would give you a chance to finally make you childhood dream of becoming a superhero a reality and you would have a chance to save the world with the person you love most in the world!

Head out to a costume shop with your loved one and pick out the best superhero costume you could find; if you find a superhero costume for couples it would be an advantage, and it would put you both in a better mood full of fun and excitement.

Put on those costumes, and head down to the streets with your loved one to stop crime; by stopping crime do not stop a robbery or a gunman on the street, you definitely do not need to risk your lives, stop minor crimes such as people littering the streets, or someone crossing the street when it is not permitted, and those kind of trivial things.

While doing that you and your loved one would both be having an awesome time, laughing and enjoying the look of surprise on people’s faces especially since you are wearing superhero costumes. Make sure you act as superheroes jumping around and shouting at people to stop the crime they are committing. The most important thing of all is to have fun together.


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