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Call in Sick Date

Special Dates


If your loved one’s birthday is coming up soon, do not hesitate for a single second to go all the way in making every second of that day extra special for them; they would feel both loved and pleased with the thought that you care that much for their birthday. Make your loved one feel relaxed and blessed all day before the night of crazy fun and laughter with all your close friends. In order to insure your loved one would have an amazing day, you have to start working from early on in the morning till later on at night.

The most important part of an early present is the element of surprise, wake up early in the morning before your loved one has even the chance to get up and prepare for work; call in sick for the both of you, and head over to her place and inform her of the great news with a bouquet of flowers.

Never underestimate the power and happiness of spending a whole day alone with your significant other, especially when you're supposed to be at work or someplace else. Spend the whole day doing exactly nothing, order in food, stay in your pajamas, and watch movies, talk about everything and nothing, and just do whatever you wish to do that does not include everyday jobs and responsibilities; you can even turn off your phones.

Make sure the whole day your loved one is being pampered, and spoiled with everything they desire; you can even prepare a bubble bath especially to insure their comfort and leisure. When the whole day has passed, head out with your loved one to spend some time with your friends after an amazingly perfect day you both have just had alone.


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