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Cobie Smulders and Neil Patrick Harris How I Met Your Mother laser tag date idea

Destroy and Conquer Date

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We are all familiar with the TV serious How I Met Your Mother and we all loved the relationship between Barney and Robin; especially when they used to go on laser tag dates, because that is what got them closer, and what made them fall in love with each other more deeply. Laser tag is one of the greatest things you can do for your loved one on their birthday, it is fun and a chance for a good workout.

Look up a place near where you live that has a laser tag arena and head out there with your loved one on their birthday for some serious fun and excitement. You would both have an amazing time running around, shooting people with lasers, capturing bases, and shooting aliens.

Regardless of whether you both are good or bad at laser tag, it does not in any way remove the fun out of the game. You would have to work together to destroy in order to conquer and win; and because it is  your loved one’s birthday you must work together extra hard to win, you would both feel ecstatic and your relationship would be stronger; moreover, your loved one would have a super fun birthday.

After the game is done, head out with your loved one for a celebratory dinner; it does not matter if you won the game or lost it, what matters is that you both had an amazing time, and you  need to celebrate your loved one’s birthday. Enjoy the date you are having and talk about what you both had just experienced, and just have fun and be happy. 


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